Following the trend...-but at what price?

VW's twin-turbo diesel in the T5 has a serious design flaw. Now engine damage is showing up in the T6 as well!!!

VW T6 from ............... is a real fuel guzzler. However, his 2016 VW van is not leaking fuel, but engine oil: five liters every 4,000 kilometers, with a mileage of 122,000. The VW owner records lube leaks on the advice of his workshop and is worried about his former dream car. And he is right. Because cases of engine damage to the T6's twin-turbo diesel (204 hp, engine code CXEB) are on the rise. According to VW, 84,359 T6s with the top-of-the-line engine were delivered worldwide in the years 2016 to 2019. Many customers complain of loss of power, loss of cooling water, and high oil consumption, all of which are preludes to ultimate engine failure. No oil diary can help, only replacement of the engine and other already damaged components. And of course a persistent approach with the manufacturer. Volkswagen is aware of the problem. When questioned, Volkswagen speaks of a damage rate "in the low single-digit percentage range." As for technical reasons, it merely states that under certain operating conditions there can be "increased engine wear."

For example, there is a repair routine that includes replacement of the particulate filter, catalytic converter, and lambda sensor. Costs for materials alone amount to about 12,800 euros, which, thanks to an "extensive start-up program"-depending on the age and mileage of the vehicle-would not be borne by the customer alone.

Customers fight for cost sharing by VW

In December 2022, the turbocharger in his 2018 T6 failed, consuming two liters of oil every 1,000 kilometers - with mileage just under 130,000. ...... has not heard from VW since March 2023, and there is no sign of cost-sharing. Meanwhile, the VW motorist has called a lawyer.

............. in Nuremberg did the same. His T6 (built in 2017, 80,000 km) has been in the workshop since the end of March 2023. An initial repair attempt failed. An endoscopic examination then revealed the presence of metal parts in the fuel: the engine was destroyed from the inside. Over the phone, VW predicted costs of at least 20,000 euros. The car and the parts already replaced are now evidence; the court has just commissioned an independent expert report. He is confident: "It's not so much a question of whether problems will occur, but rather when." In the past twelve months, the site has counted 65 inquiries about a revised CXEB engine. "Such an accumulation is very unusual. The engine seems to be particularly susceptible to damage," says ..............., one of the portal's creators.

The technical causes cannot yet be circumscribed as clearly as in the case of the predecessor VW T5, where the problem is faulty EGR coolers. A design weakness in the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve is suspected in connection with the software update in the wake of the diesel scandal. This may have increased the engine's heat load. About 15-20 T6 owners per month contact the (trusted) repairer. Chief ............. believes that the design and material quality of piston rings and pistons are not up to the job in the long run and are therefore the cause of oil consumption.

Lawyers who specialize in VW issues

Lawyers are also specializing in T6 engine damage. Like ................, which specializes in thermal problems and faulty EGR valves. The Stuttgart-based lawyer says he already represents 20 injured parties and receives about five new claims a week. It speculates that there are "several design weaknesses in relation to the consequences of the upgrade." It also notes a "not inconsiderable resistance from VW." The automaker has no interest in "offering an economically sensible solution for all affected T6 drivers." VW is turning a technical problem into a legal problem for its disappointed customers.

That said, it is clear from the figures that although the problem is known and especially not a secret, people seem unwilling to give up the idea of the fashion of owning one. I wonder why?

Maybe because it is a fad? Maybe because everyone has it, then I must have it too? Or maybe because...

I personally believe that VW.............................................................................................................