Beppe Grillo's Blog has noticed us!

Beppe Grillo's well-known Blog has made us famous!

Or rather, that is what I would like to write, but we are still far from notoriety. However, the article by the name: Badaboom Expedition, a truck on the road to help animals, which you can read on his Blog, made us proud.
(Thank you Nina)


a long-standing friendship...

Patrick is a backpacker and go!!! In his long career as a "traveler" he has traveled halfway around the world, visited dozens and dozens of countries. Patrick is one of those who has a lot to tell. His blog is not just a web page full of photos, no sir! His blog manages to engage you and take you into his adventures. I have known him my whole life, and although time and age have caused us to lose touch, I enjoy following him on his travels and looking at the world through his eyes.

Visit his blog, and you will understand what I am talking about!

what they say about us

you are crazy


Pipa you are the most beautiful!


Leaving aside the issue of money,

 I believe you will succeed...


I believe that you will never go home again...


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