We are a married couple who share animal welfare and want to contribute by acting on the ground in an alternative and original way. 
Badaboom Expedition is a registered domain. Its purpose is purely informational. It is not a trademark and is not for profit. It was born out of the need to help aid animals in need. It is not limited to borders as neither is it limited to continents. The reach of such help is extended to the globe. We are looking for someone to support us and believe in us.

We are Salvo and Marina + Pipa


I describe myself as restless, capable, willing, curious, stubborn and tenacious. Sometimes I set goals that seem unattainable, but with the knowledge that I will do whatever it takes to achieve them. In my life I have worked several jobs, changed homes often, and eventually moved, but the constant that has never left me is a passion for four wheels mixed with a passion for animals. Whether it is a passion or a disease this nobody knows, but if I really have to get sick then let it be of this!




Born and raised in my Graubünden mountains from which I find it hard to tear myself away. I am open and understanding, always ready to help should anyone need it. I have my own ideas, my own visions, and I am often told how easy I am to talk to. Maybe because of my character or maybe because I am simply Marina. With me it is difficult to argue and even if it happens it is impossible not to laugh about it.



My name is Pipa but to my friends "bibi," I am 11 years old, but calculating mine I am already a pensioner. I am mixed breed and that makes me a mutt, in every sense of the word! I have the typical Bordercollie temperament, restless, nervous, playful and a pain in the ass. I like to be outdoors and sniff everything I can. I like to eat and I love Italian cuisine. Salvo and Marina go out of their way to give me a dream life. From the moment I was born all the attention is on me. No matter what, where or when, I am always at the top of their minds. They take care of me, they love me and I am in a way their child. I wish all my fellow humans such masters! I love to travel and it doesn't matter where. Sea, mountain or country, we always enjoy exploring new and interesting places. I don't know how many vehicles we have already changed, but each time, my comfortable corner has been specially built for me in each one. They are good at it and always pay attention to detail. In short, it can't be better! It's not like I'm a dog!!!

I know they are working on a big project, I've been hearing about trucks at home for a long time.... I don't know exactly what it is but I hope Salvo and Marina will try hard to make it happen in the next few years, while I'm still alive! I would love to be able to travel with them again!

Our history

Today more than ever, humanity is constantly called upon to support and help in favor of victims of wars, the sick, the weakest, those who have lost everything... Such help is perhaps the noblest of all, it is part of our nature to help those in need, and fortunately we find in the world more and more people willing to do so. Now, as is often the case, the majority forget, or simply ignore, that other living beings also live on this planet, and who cares about them?

Badaboom Expedition was born in Switzerland, more precisely in Davos-Wiesen, a small mountain village of just over 400 inhabitants, neatly shrouded by its peaks in Canton Graubünden. We are a married couple, Salvo and Marina, two ordinary Swiss who decided to get involved for a cause that is more than justified. Our love for the animal world has dragged us over the years to the inevitable position in their defense. With our project, we want to show that two ordinary people, as we are, can bring concrete and, above all, real help!

Our way of living, thinking and acting can be safely labeled as SIMPLE. We do not take political sides, we are not activists, and above all we do not follow trends. Our life is made up of pastures, mountains, fresh grass and in the winter snow-covered. We are used to making do in any situation and finding solutions to get by. During our On The Road travels, we have often found ourselves in unpleasant and sometimes dangerous situations. But, as always, our wisdom and simplicity, has always helped us come out on top. Over the years, our travels have taken us to many places, some beautiful and some ugly, but always aware that the world is beautiful because it is varied....

We have been confronted with sad realities, which to our Swiss eyes seemed like science fiction! We understood and accepted that not everyone in the world is equally fortunate.

Desperate people, lying on the sidewalks with a cardboard box for a bed. Strangely, however, for every homeless person we met and sometimes chatted with, a dog always sat by his side. He didn't care how poor his owner was or what clothes he was wearing. He would sit by the side and be petted, maybe a few cookies and a scratch behind his ears, and then sit back down next to his poor master. We realized that this dog represented to that poor man on the sidewalk his whole life. He confessed to us that he had nothing, he had no shoes, he had no waterproof jacket, he had nowhere to sleep, and sometimes he thought about ending it all. But, he also told us, that the only motivation that kept him alive was to take care of his dog. At that moment we realized that by helping the dog we would be helping him as well.

So the idea was born to find a concrete way to help him. So we went to the nearest shopping mall and bought some food, a blanket, a bowl, an anti-parasite spray, a bottle of water and a small toy. We put everything in a small waterproof backpack and went back to him. The dog appreciated, so much so that he could not keep his tail in check. He ate, drank and played. The poor guy on the sidewalk, on the other hand, was crying! He did not stop thanking us and did not want us to leave anymore. He told us that his day had achieved its purpose, namely, to see his dog happy. He told us that in the world two people like us would make a difference!

Following his words, we understood that that backpack full of items made a dog happy, but at the same time gave a human being extra motivation to keep living!

Building on this story, our project is as simple as it is achievable. Aboard our self-built truck, we will have the ability to reach out in a capillary way to everyone living on the street, and thus repeat our story over and over again. We have a prototype "bag" that we will distribute for free, we will not give money to associations and we will not be fooled by foundations with dubious promises. We will have no middlemen, we will be Salvo and Marina, who will stop on the streets of the world and offer their backpack to the poor man! We will put our face , name and surname, and we will be in this way judged directly of our work, not having sponsors we will not be slaves to contracts and brands and above all we will decide for ourselves in which part of the world to go and whom to help.