Living in a truck to help dogs

In our lives we have had several animals and from the most diverse types. As we all know, the brutal cycle of life forces us at some point to part with them, even if we don't want to!

This sad reality has led us over the years to the realization that we must accept the laws of nature, such as they are. Thinking and rethinking, there is only one way to ease the pain of these certainties, and that is to try to give the animal world a life worthy of the name. The human being, as an "intelligent species" can think, can decide, can commit and can accompany the path of their life in the most loving and affectionate way possible.

Following this basis we decided to make our journey a mission, not an impossible mission, but a "doable" mission. We are not veterinarians, we have no expertise in care, we are not part of any club or association.... 

We are just Salvo and Marina!

That said, our motivation drives us to be able to help them with simple gestures...

What we are going to do on the road...

By traveling with our truck we will have the opportunity to reach remote places and act directly on the ground. We will give no money to associations and have no intermediaries, so we will be fully responsible and aware of our help. Our help will consist, among many other things... in the creation of a Kit. In this Kit will be found: a bowl, a leash, food, first aid kit, a blanket, a toy, and antiparasitics (Badaboom Dog Kit). Once on the road we will organize to collect other necessities. We will open a Youtube channel and thus try to document our progress to keep you informed. 

Our Kit will be distributed free of charge to the homeless or those who care for a dog... Of course, we will offer our help to all dogs and cats we meet on our way.

In the morning they are there! They wag their tails, stretch out looking into your eyes and say good morning. You come back in the evening, after a day's work, they are there! They greet you fondly, look at you and love you. If you are sad, they are there! If you are happy they are there!

To begin with, it is good to know that an abandoned dog or cat often shows itself to be bewildered, is frightened, compared to strays you may notice that it is clean and groomed, moves in a confused manner and sometimes chases passersby. Once spotted, try to approach the animal while keeping calm so as not to frighten it further and provide it with water and food immediately.

Once you have secured the animal, check if it has a tag so that you can see if it is lost and if so, return it to its owner. At the same time contact the Police asking for direct veterinary or animal volunteer intervention also to check if the animal has a microchip through which it can be traced back to its owner.

If you notice that the animal is injured, call the veterinarian immediately; if, on the other hand, it is in a difficult situation, such as a cat in a tree or a roof from which it can no longer climb down, contact the fire department immediately, as they specialize in interventions of this type.

If, on the other hand, you witness a dog or cat being hit by a car, be aware that the new Highway Code requires you to rescue animals involved in a traffic accident. So stop to render aid and immediately contact a veterinarian or the local police.

Don't leave me

It is often the case that the motorist flees after hitting the animal: in this case, if you can immediately jot down the license plate of the car and then immediately render aid to the animal, if necessary by immediately asking a veterinarian for help. Also do not hesitate to report the incident to law enforcement.

Through the Internet you can also quickly identify clinics in your area, including those that offer 24-hour care.

Just a few stories


For years, Michael has been going to the streets of Chonburi, a city about 100 kilometers from Bangkok, every day and carrying kibble and food for as many as 80 abandoned dogs. It is thanks to his efforts that these animals are able to survive in a country that does not give them due attention and where poisoning cases are frequent. In Bangkok alone there are as many as 300,000 abandoned dogs.

His journey to feed the stray dogs starts as early as the early morning when he goes to work and continues in the various time slots until it is time to return home.

And once a month, Michael also tries to provide the animals with a remedy to keep the pests away. He bears all the costs, thanks to a few small private donations. And when one of his little friends needs treatment, Michael houses it in the back of the restaurant until it recovers. And he has also managed to get some of his four-legged friends adopted, not counting his dogs, as many as 9, all adopted from the streets of Chonburi.

Michael's is an important gesture: in the video, images of his daily journey to feed abandoned dogs.

Heroes who help the homeless in paying for the care of their beloved dogs

On the streets of Rishikesh, India, volunteers from Guardians of the Voiceless came across an extraordinary pair: Baba Gulab Singh and his best friend, Tiger the dog. They stopped to get acquainted with the puppy, and immediately noticed that something was wrong with him. From his side, at stomach level, a huge pouch was protruding. And it was immediately clear that it was a tumor and needed urgent medical attention. So they did everything they could to help.

Gulab told the Guardians that he had already taken Tiger to the hospital but could not afford the cost of veterinary care. The homeless man was evidently apprehensive about the state of his beloved puppy's health and did not know what to do except give him all his love. The two have always been together. They sleep near the train station and keep each other warm. Gulab even modified a sweater he found to fit the dog's body. And when he realized they were offering him real and sincere help, he almost couldn't believe it.

"Talking to him, we realized what a humble and loving man we had met," the Guardians recounted. "All animals are his best friends and he tries to help them as much as he can." The attachment with Tiget, however, is almost visceral.

The two have a special bond. "And we wanted to help them both. They are two special beings." Tiger has now been taken in by a veterinarian, who will consider how to intervene on the tumor, most likely with surgery. And Gulab is never detached from him, helping as much as she can with the other animals Guardians of the voiceless cares for.

Major continued to call 9-1-1 until his person was rescued

Terry McGlade, a U.S. Marine suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and seizures after being injured by an IED in Afghanistan, relies on his service dog, Major, for daily assistance. Major stepped in one day when McGlade needed him most. When McGlade had a seizure, the Pit/Labrador Retriever mix pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and put his paw on it to call emergency services. The dispatchers thought it was a prank phone call and kept hanging up. Major, however, refused to accept it, so he kept calling.

Eventually, they heard McGlade in the background and sent ambulances. When they arrived, Major was waiting in front of them to lead them to his person.

Lucca's last act of service was to protect Marines from an explosive device detonation

During his six-year career with the Marine Corps, Lucca positively identified more than 40 IEDs, saving countless lives. The German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois mix has functioned as an explosives detection dog, leading some 400 patrols.

In 2012, he preceded his marines into Afghanistan to search for explosives. He detected one explosive device, but during the search, a second unexpectedly detonated, injuring Lucca.