The recipe for the perfect traveler



100g / adaptive capacity

In recent years we have been able to see, that being able to adapt to new situations is part of being human. Perhaps the famous phrase: adapt or die! is a bit brutal, but certainly not so far from the truth. For a traveler, the word "adapt" is clearly a pillar of his way of being, and it would be unthinkable to travel otherwise! But what exactly does it mean to be able to adapt? I could easily list a slew of synonyms for you, but in the end you would still be confused and perhaps more so than before. So, knowing how to adapt for a traveler means possessing the ability to cope with change, thus being able to adapt to them. Unfortunately, however, for many, knowing how to adapt is often confused with resignation, and that is a mistake! Instead, the true traveler will know how to use these changes in his or her favor to even reap the benefits. Okay, some changes can be planned for you will tell me.... Of course, but it is the unforeseen and unpredictable ones that we will have to learn to deal with and consequently adapt to. One of the solutions that could come to our aid, would certainly be a change of perspective, in fact, once we have concluded our analysis of the change and its consequences, we could safely analyze the alternative aspects. What could be the positive aspects? What doors might open for you that you had never considered? Certainly it will all depend on the type of change and its possible severity, but that is what adaptation means!

150g / improvisation

As we all know, life rarely unfolds according to plan, yet despite this knowledge, the tendency of many is to cling to a to-do list with dogged determination. For a traveler, plans are as useless as they are superfluous. Do you know what is around the corner? Do you know where that road takes you? I don't think so, so dear traveler, go ahead and throw your planning in the trash and be prepared to deal with the unexpected. The traveler knows how to face failures without fear; they are inevitable, and if you travel with the fear of failure, you won't be able to move one meter. So when you can overcome your fears and apprehensions, you can become even more confident and more adept at adapting to the unexpected. Do you want to travel? Then have confidence in yourself!

1kg / optimism

Let's leave the glass half full or half empty alone! Optimism is considered a key element in stress management. Being optimistic does not necessarily mean ignoring life's difficulties, but it does mean dealing with them in a different way. If your view of the world has always been pessimistic, it may not be easy to change your perspective; with a little patience and awareness, however, it is always possible to succeed in highlighting the positive aspects of everything. A pessimistic traveler will find himself and others in serious trouble. It doesn't matter if your vehicle breaks down or your plane is delayed, let's instead try to accept the situation we find ourselves in, and who knows, something unexpected and even unforgettable might even come out of it.


Respect is a feeling shown toward someone or something, and many forms of respect are based in the relationship of reciprocity, "respect and you will be respected." For the traveler, respect is definitely a fundamental aspect that cannot be shirked. No matter where you go and what you do, wherever you go remember that you will be an outsider, you are not local, and therefore you must show towards the indigenous civilizations and their territory, great respect. Try to amalgamate with their cultures and try above all to understand them, and you will see that as if by magic, you will find yourself thinking even for a moment that you are not so far from them. Don't judge and especially don't shoot your mouth off at them based on silly prejudices heard perhaps on TV. The traveler knows how to understand, how to accept, how to look and not least has the ability to understand that the world is beautiful because it is varied.

250g / curiosity

Why do you want to travel? Surely, or at least I hope, it is not just to post a picture on your Social profile, I hope instead that your desire to travel is mainly driven by the heartiness to discover, see and experience.... Not all of us are curious in the same way, but all travelers possess a good supply of it that serves as their fuel to continue. Don't think you have seen it all, the world is too big for our eyes, instead keep walking or driving in that direction that seems to you to be the most right, the most unexplored. Curiosity is an attitude of an exploratory and open-minded nature, free of prejudice. For a traveler it is the most important thing, curiosity keeps one's journey active and does not make it "wither away." The idea of stopping should not even touch you, because the moment you believe you have seen everything, your journey will have come to an end. Your motivation will slowly begin to wane until it drags you into a mental hypothermia, capable of making you believe that the world ends right there!

150g / time management

Knowing how to manage one's time during a trip is an extremely useful quality for all travelers. The first distinction one must adhere to is surely the difference between vacation and travel. On vacation, our time is punctuated by a deadline that unconsciously leads us to have to see, experience and enjoy as many things as possible in order to make sense of our vacation. Others, on the other hand, after months of exhausting work, see vacation as the equivalent of total relaxation at beaches and colorful cocktails for the next 2 or 3 weeks. For the traveler, on the other hand, time on his or her hands is not, or should not be, a stress factor. On the contrary, the traveler should know how to manage his or her time thus allowing him or her to find the right balance. If your trip is long term, let the word "long" lull you, take your time and start slowing down. Traveling fast, especially with a vehicle, involves huge costs, so if you don't want to deplete your cash in a few moments, it will be better to calm down and rely on peace of mind. Being aware of our own time helps us make decisions, and most importantly, it shields us from the dangers of haste. Slow and steady wins the race!

By mixing these ingredients listed above, the result should be satisfactory. They are all first-rate ingredients, and should anything go wrong, the cook will certainly be to blame. Before starting, be sure to know the ingredients thoroughly so as to avoid mishandling them. For proper leavening, it is advisable to add a good deal of patience and adhere to the indicated dosage.