The vehicle inspection, Hop Suisse!

With this article I would like to explore a very sore subject that is causing me quite a few headaches.

As we all know, the rules regarding motor vehicles concerning the respective testing, are in Switzerland as in the rest of 'Europe quite similar. A truck like "ours" old, will have to be tested annually. Now, my research and respective 1000 phone calls brought no positive or alternative findings. In the end, however, I found the word I had been looking for a long time, namely: EXCEPTION!

In asking left and right, I discovered that for those who undertake long-term travel, there are precisely exceptions to this. You certainly understand the issue without me explaining it to you in full. Having to test it every year would really pose a huge problem. Think about it, you are on the other side of the world and you are enjoying breathtaking scenery, you are totally immersed in your journey, and lo and behold you punctually receive the summons to the testing! It would be difficult to explain to the official on duty that you are on the other side of the ocean, and it would take you months to get back to Switzerland. But other than that, it is still unthinkable to travel the world and every year have to' be forced to return home to test a vehicle. Let's say that some bilateral agreement to that effect wouldn't hurt!!! Anyway, I remember one of the many phone calls in a special way: I remember that I was explaining to the young lady with moooolish patience, my intention to travel with a heavy vehicle across 2 continents. From her silences and dubious questions, she seemed to have never heard of travel in her life, but let's leave that out. To the provocative question I asked her about testing she laughed. My question was: but what if I am on the other side of the world and don't show up for the test drive? what happens? Her answer: You may very well not show up, in fact, however, you will be booked and upon your return to Switzerland a "kind of arrest warrant" will be issued, your license plates will be confiscated, and not least you will be sanctioned as an outlaw. Whereupon, all we could do was laugh together!

The exception I mentioned earlier is nothing more than a kind of extension. This is not yet clear, but it will be when I get to that point. What is certain is that to gain months of travel it will be appropriate to plan carefully and consequently test the vehicle a few days before leaving!

Do you want to know what the funny aspect of the story is ?

if you think about it, I would be testing and consequently paying license plates and road taxes for a vehicle that will not even circulate on Swiss roads!                                             Hop Suisse!!

I hope I have sparked some interest in the subject, and if anyone has any new information on the subject or any good ideas, please do not hesitate to write to us.