Where are we going?

In this regard, doubts still exist.... To tell the truth, our destination is not yet fully defined. However, the idea remains a change of continent.


Trip 1

Boarding the vehicle in Northern Europe starting from the port of Antwerp (Belgium), or departing from the port of Hamburg (Germany). Destination: Montevideo (Uruguay).

Trip 2

The second variant is developed in the change of 2 continents, between Africa and the Americas. The plan is to boarding the vehicle from Italy to reach Africa by sea. The idea would be to cross Morocco by slowly descending to Dakar (Senegal). From there, we would re-board the vehicle by shipping it across the ocean to Montevideo (Uruguay).


Moving up South America via Central America and ending up in North America.

 This is a very narrow summary of our intentions.

Travel style

It is difficult to label a trip in terms of "style," everyone has his own and it would be wrong to divide it into categories to follow. What we can say about our own account is that the way we travel usually pushes us to isolate ourselves for long periods of time, not surprisingly, the design of our vehicle is exactly conceived for this "style" of travel. Remote places devoid of civilization are undoubtedly our favorite destination.


The project we are heading towards has raised quite a few questions and perplexities about it, especially from family members and acquaintances. Without realizing it, I set in motion a mechanism that is unlikely to stop.  Such a project requires not inconsiderable efforts in terms of preparation, planning, logistics and clearly financial. The latter, turns out to be a very sore point that unfortunately is not finding any solution. Simply put, we do not have the required amount of money to get it started. I honestly have no idea how we are going to come up with the money, but I am as always hopeful that we will be able to find a solution. Maybe the money will fall from the sky...

And if by chance, anyone would like to help us, we will welcome you with open arms!