Over time we realized that the vehicle was an essential part of our journey. Our purchases were always proportional and targeted to the use we were to make of it. Given our on-the-road style, our needs grew from trip to trip, and as a result we understood what the merits and shortcomings of each vehicle were.

The first Fiat panda is never forgotten!

Fiat Panda 4x4, mostly bought for goofing around and having fun in the mountains. Bare bones as we all know it. The panda, I think, is the most abused car by everybody. Anyone who has had it knows what I am talking about. Unstoppable, maneuverable, lightweight, smelly, and unreliable in terms of safety. Who wouldn't want it? All kidding aside, the Panda was and will remain the car that everyone, at least once in their lives should own.

The second Panda is never forgotten!

Well yes! So much did I love her that we looked for another one. This one, however, with a few cosmetic touches, just to let everyone know what we needed it for. Its condition was not the best, in fact I had to rebuild parts of the flooring from scratch and replace the 2 sheet metal under doors.... With some welding and 200 hammerings I got it back to a decent state. Sold!

Ford Ranger

Versatile, quite powerful, comfortable, and mistreatable. We leaned toward the commercial vehicle segment because we knew we could use it for various purposes. In fact, in addition to its normal use, we transformed it on occasion into a mini Overland vehicle. By decking it out fully and with the proper accessories, it became a "trusty" traveling companion. Sold!

Big brother!

It seems obvious to me! Wildtrak version, 3.2 Tdi engine, Chiarmente couldn't resist getting my hands on it as usual. Clearly unapproved wheels and tires, unapproved wheel spacers, unapproved 10cm booster kit, unapproved DIY Rollbar! Great companion for adventure. Sold!

First and last!

But why did we buy it? 

Nothing to say, we'd miss it. Spacious, equipped with everything and more.... Sold!

It's about time!

At the end of the list we find what in our opinion was the one that gave us the most satisfaction. Peugeot Boxer, 2.2 tdi 120 hp. More is not needed. Fantastic in urban centers, maneuverable on mountain roads and, above all, spacious in the interior, in fact, together with its brothers Fiat and Citroen, turn out to be the only ones on the market to offer an interior width such that the bed can be placed transversely, offering a good 1.90m. It is not for nothing that these three brands, turn out to be the most used vehicles by the different outfitters on the market. Our clearly, like all the others, was born as a commercial vehicle and later transformed and outfitted from scratch. We put passion, time and money into it and in the end here are the results. The vehicle that accompanied us on several trips without ever coughing or giving us problems. Exceptional vehicles made to grind miles. I highly recommend it!

Always him

Repainted, restored and accessorized from scratch. We had decided we weren't ready to sell it yet, so. Everything out and starting from scratch. All exterior and interior campering was revised and rebuilt. Result, The best to date! Sold!

working partner (no Camper)

come back to life

Just a few hours of work!!!