What is your target ?

The goal is to find someone who believes in us. To find someone who will allow us to be able to start the whole thing, and once we're on our way we'll make do on our own....

L'obiettivo é partire!

Aren't you afraid ? 

Whatever happens, it happens!

I wrote an article about it in the Blog...

Why a Truck ?

The choice of vehicle is totally subjective and dictated primarily by the purpose for which it will be used. The choice of the heavy vehicle turned out to be the most suitable for our needs for this type of trip.

Okay Salvo, but why a truck and not a smaller vehicle? 

the answers are space and weight. A truck with certain characteristics offers the possibility of building a decidedly spacious living module suitable for this type of travel. Since it will be our actual home for a long period of time, it is right to think about certain living spaces. Second, the autonomy and total independence we should have comes at a high price, and that is weight. Unfortunately, a vehicle of up to 3.5t category could not have met our travel needs.

Where will you be in 5 years ?

Who can tell! Hope under the truck with greasy hands repairing damage. Marina lying looking at the sky while smelling a flower, and Pipa now in her nineties, trying to chase a sheep in Argentina!

Or maybe we will still be at home dreaming!

How long will your expedition last ?

I hope as long as possible, but unfortunately I am sure we will not be the ones to decide that.

How are you doing with languages ?

Vai tranquillo!


Ne vous inquiétez pas, la langue n'est pas un problème

I think we will be fine

Claro amigo, viaja con nosotros y lo descubrirás

Have you gone crazy ? 

It depends on the point of view! Usually being crazy is related to behavior seemingly out of all logic. But what if I told you that insane and devoid of logic is the one who works 50 hours a week for 50 years and has never tried or wanted to change his ideas or his life out of fear of failure or laziness? 

Who is the madman now?

Where will you find the money ?

If I knew that, I would already be on the other side of the world....